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Hello I am Bob Recchio. I have worked as a software engineer for 35 years. My experience was mostly on the large main-frames. I retired from IBM and Lockheed Martin in 2004. I just recently started building websites and developed a love for being creative and helping businesses get their message across in an effective way.

How did I came up with the name
Yankee Custom Website Design
There are two reasons.
The first is I am an avid Yankee Baseball Team fan. The second is I am originally from the north. I happened to be married to a girl who is from here in North Carolina. I get teased all the time from her family about being a Yankee. So I thought that would be an appropriate name to call my business. I recently met one of my heroes Bobby Richardson down in Sumter, SC. He was gracious enough to come up here in Leland, NC to speak at our church. The first website I created was for the Leland Hot Stove League a baseball organization. From there I got interested in helping small businesses build a website at a reasonable price. I created this website so you can have an idea what type of work I do and to build my business.

I hope you enjoy your tour and should you decide you want a website you would give me your consideration. Thank you and may God bless you.

Bob Recchio
Bobby Richardson and Bob Recchio